Transformational adventures

Year 10 round Australia trip

Camps and excursions are a part of having a holistic approach to education and provide an ‘experience-based’ educational opportunity allowing for an extension of curriculum, relationship and life skill learning that cannot always be harnessed in the classroom. 

Camps and excursions can take classroom learning and put it in the context of the ‘real world’, often bringing together various subject areas. 

Through camps and excursions, relationships are developed and strengthened between students and between teachers and students. This team-building aspect creates a bond that will help students support and encourage each other through the challenges of senior schooling. 

Camps and excursions help grow leadership qualities, resilience and independence and are often highlights of the schooling experience. 

One of these highlights for most students is the Year 10 trip — a 3-week, 10,000km journey around Australia, taking in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney, as well as other significant landmarks along the way.

Year 11 camp

Our Year 11 camp provides an opportunity for all campuses to unite, strengthening bonds between students who are based at different campus locations but share a common experience as NTCC students. 

This camp’s focus is on creating a good mindset for senior study. During the camp, students are equipped with new skills for the season ahead to enable them to balance their studies and other areas of life.

In addition, study and secondary learning skills are refined, and the group’s identity as a community is developed.