Education at NTCC

At NT Christian College, we understand that the senior years are an important time for students as they look to complete their secondary education. NT Christian College seeks to develop people who value rigorous learning and develop habits of knowing, understanding, evaluating and applying.

Our NTCET (Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training) results are exemplary. Every year, results show that NT Christian College meets state expectations, often raising the bar. The NTCET is accredited by the SACE board. 

Our students’ results, completions and our ‘beyond school outcomes’ show the depth of learning through NT Christian College. We regularly see students achieving Academic Merits in a range of subjects and students receiving results in the top 20 of the Northern Territory.

NT Christian College’s student (NTCET) results reflect the academic rigour that is a part of every pathway our students embark on. We meet state requirements and build on that by seeing our students having ‘beyond school outcomes’ that are successful and meaningful.


Year 10 – Foundation year of senior secondary

At NT Christian College, Year 10 is an important transition and bridging time from Junior Secondary School to Senior School Education. Year 10 students begin cementing foundations of academic learning in preparation for their NTCET and tertiary studies, gaining a greater understanding of what is expected and required for their final years of Secondary study. 

Students are encouraged to take more control over their learning as they progress towards adulthood. They move into a more adult environment and are given a higher level of trust in a supported environment. 

Academically they start to become more independent learners and develop the skills they need to develop their intrinsic motivation and take greater control of their education. Year 10 students spend time considering their gifts, abilities and passions in order to explore what that might mean for their future direction and vocation.

Year 10 students study: English, Mathematics, Science, Personal Learning Plan (PLP), History, Geography, Pastoral Care Group (PCG), Physical Education, and two Elective classes that run for the whole year.

Pastoral Care Group (PCG) is essential to the Year 10 program. PCG provides a safe environment for students to give and receive support to one another under the guidance of a staff member. Students spend time exploring the Bible together, developing personal skills and uncovering and challenging worldviews. They do this as a whole year group as well as individual classes.


Years 11 and 12

Years 11 and 12 focus on providing rich and diverse student pathways that support and prepare students no matter their path.

NT Christian College is committed to harnessing its resources to ensure our senior students across all campuses can flourish in their life and learning as they move through Years 11 and 12.

We seek to ensure each student is personally supported and encouraged to develop strong learning skills, practical skills and an awareness of the unique gifts and talents God has given them.

We aim to challenge and help each student “find their path”. To help them understand who they are as a learner and what their passions and abilities are so that they may develop and cultivate their strengths to help them find the life and vocational path that is right for them.

We then seek to challenge them so they may confidently “step into their future”. We work to develop all aspects of our students personally, academically and socially and give them the skills they need to live, work and navigate the challenges of our world.

Beneath these efforts is our firm conviction of the biblical principle that every student is created in the image of God and inherently valuable and therefore deserving of love and respect.  

You will see from the image that we break our options into four major pathways to assist students and families in making their choices. Students and families meet with our pathway team regularly through their studies to ensure they are on the right path and on track. 

NT Christian College partners with various industry and training organisations to support students across their senior education journey.