Student wellbeing

As a College, we seek to ensure that students are provided with differentiated, equitable and challenging learning. We look to provide a trusting and supportive environment that allows students to achieve their best, no matter their gifts and abilities. 

A student support team is in place on each Campus to help students achieve academic and life goals. In addition to classroom Teachers and Teacher Aides, our students are supported by their Pastoral Care teachers and Coordinators. 

Our campuses also have staff overseeing People and Culture and Learning Support and have developed a clear system for parents to connect with staff to seek support or information for their young person or begin a process to resolve an issue of conflict.

Some NT Christian School campuses also have School Chaplains available to speak to students and families on various matters. Chaplains run lunchtime programs and offer spiritual support within the school community. 

Our Darwin-based campuses have the services of a Defence Support Mentor who provides support to students from defence families through several programs. 

NT Christian Schools also has a Welfare Coordinator available to support students and families in situations requiring higher levels of support. Our Welfare Coordinator works with parents, connecting students and external support services to ensure students get the appropriate support they need.