The NT Christian College values lifelong learning and acknowledges that each of us learn in different ways. The VET program at the College enables students to follow a path that suits them and their career goals.

Students have the opportunity to attend Vet In Schools (VETiS) programs. These programs are run by accredited Registered Training Organisations across Darwin. The students have the potential to complete Certificate I, II, and III courses in a range of industry qualifications.

Through the VET program there is also the potential for students to obtain School Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships (SBAT). These SBATs allow students to begin their career whilst still completing their NTCET requirements. These opportunities provide students with essential employability skills, qualifications and experience.

Throughout the student’s involvement in the program they are mentored and supported by the VET team to facilitate learning and success. This is achieved through open communication channels between the training organisations, the school, the student, the parents, and the teachers.

The aim of the VET program is to open Career opportunities and paths for the diverse range of students that attend the College. It is focused on meeting the needs of individual students as they explore the world of work and life beyond school.