My name is Hannah Christopher. I attended Marrara Christian College/Northern Territory Christian College from year 4 to graduating class of 2016!

From a young age, I have being very passionate about Jesus, people and music. Throughout my education at MCC/NTCC, I was always supported and encouraged to do the things that I love. My teachers channeled my talkative, extroverted (90% of the time disruptive) nature into developing my public speaking skills by giving me opportunities to speak at assemblies and other events.
My passion for music was nourished by numerous school performances and I was consistently challenged by an incredible music teacher who went above and beyond to see me succeed.

People often say MCC/NTCC ‘feels like a big family’. When my beautiful mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, I saw first-hand how this family sprung into action. We received cooked meals, gifts, prayer and an overwhelming support from teachers, parents and the students. I will never forget what a blessing the College was to me and my family during that journey.

So where am I now? I am currently living in Newcastle, NSW! I am studying a Bachelor of Music at the Conservatorium of Music, working as a School Chaplain and Youth leading/Worship leading at Hillsong Church, Newcastle.

I am so thankful for the amazing experiences and opportunities at MCC/NTCC, but most of all, I am thankful that I was surrounded by a safe, united, faith-filled, Christ-centred community. A family that prioritised the person before a program, and spoke wisdom, strength and worth over my life.