Elton Huddleston

Elton Huddleston is a proud young man from Urapunga, a community of 120 people nestled near the Roper River. Elton left his home in Year 7 to attend Marrara Christian College’s boarding program.

For his senior years, Elton choose to pursue a trade pathway through attending NT Christian College’s Fabrication and Trade Training Centre. He has now successfully finished his NTCET as well as completing his Certificate II in Construction, Certificate II in Engineering and 5 units of Certificate III in Engineering.

Throughout Year 12 Elton was a school based apprentice one day a week with Halikos Construction. He started work at 7:00am after riding his bike 5kms to get there. After doing a day at work Elton would then attend football training. Through his work at Halikos, Elton was able to gain a full time apprenticeship with Jake’s Steel and Welding, which he started a week after he finished school.

Elton is a young man who desires to learn and to work. This year he was fortunate to be able to attend a College trip to Vanuatu where he was part of a team who assisted in building an ablution block out of two shipping containers. Elton cut doorways and welded up strengthening structures. His learning was hands on, it was practical and it was real. Skills which in the future he will be able to take back to Urupunga. This trip was a significant highlight of his schooling as stated in the speech that he prepared, stood up and delivered at the school formal in front of his peers, families and staff.

It was because of all of the above and his determination that Elton was nominated for the Karmi Sceney Urban Aboriginal Excellence and Leadership Award.