Year 11 and 12 at NT Christian College provides four major pathways to the NTCET. These pathways are reasonably fluid and do not lock students into a particular path. However, all pathways require a commitment from the student in order to achieve their desired outcome. There is certainly no easy path to the NTCET. An outline of each of the pathways follows.

Pathway 1

This pathway is the most recognisable for most parents and guardians as it is in line with their own school experiences. Pathway 1 involves 6 school-based subjects in Year 11. This pathway can be further tailored to have a leaning in a particular area depending on subjects selected. Eg, a mathematics focus, a science focus, an arts focus or humanities focus.

Pathway 2

Pathway 2 involves the study of 4 school-based subjects and a VET course. This pathway suits students who are not sure if a VET pathway is for them but would like to have a go or those students that have a good understanding of their direction and a VET course can assist them. If students study a Certificate III course they can still achieve an ATAR.

Pathway 3

Pathway 3 is a School, VET and Workplace based pathway. This path most often suits students that are working towards or have a school-based apprenticeship (SBA). Students on this path achieve their English and Mathematics at school and also complete VET and have on the job training.

Pathway 4

Pathway 4 is a supported pathway that meets the needs of students that require higher levels of literacy and numeracy support. It involves a similar structure to that of Pathway 3.