Senior Years

At NT Christian College, we understand that the senior years are an important time for students as they look to complete their secondary education. We look to provide a trusting and supportive environment that allows students to achieve their best, no matter where their gifts may lie.

Tailored Educational Pathways

At NT Christian College we are committed to guiding each student in finding the educational pathway that best matches their unique God-given gifts and abilities. We are committed to assisting our students to move towards the goals that they and their families have set. This process begins in Year 10, where students spend intentional time across Pastoral Care Groups and in their Personal Learning Plan classes. Here they consider their future and explore the various paths available to them to achieve their goals. In Years 11 and 12 students they select one of the following 4 flexible pathways that assist them to move successfully through their schooling and towards their future.


Generally, NTCET Stage 2 students have a number of lessons a week of College time allocated for private study (called “study lines”) to undertake the research needed to complete assignments, projects and folios. During this time students are expected to work in the library. They may also use this time to obtain additional assistance from classteachers, to talk to the Vocational Adviser or to see the Head of College or College Counsellor. The study periods are not “free lessons” and students are expected to make good use of this valuable time.

Stage 1 students may also have a study line, although this is not the norm, and is dependent on how many NTCET credits have already been completed and whether or not VET courses are being undertaken.

Student Commitment

NTCET is a two-year program of study for most students. Some students, for personal reasons, may choose to take longer than two years. Some students will undertake some Stage 1 credits in Year 10. It is essential that students make a serious effort to fulfil tasks set from the beginning of the year, as credits undertaken count towards their final certificate. To achieve success, regular attendance is important.

Attendance is monitored and parents/guardians are notified of student absences. While the College offers much support and guidance, it is up to the student to take responsibility for punctuality and meeting work requirements.


When students enrol in courses at NT Christian College, they undertake to attend all classes. Year 12 students are able to apply for flexitime if they have study lessons as first or last lessons on a given day. These must be negotiated (with parental permission) before students may leave the College. Year 11 students do not have permission to leave the Campus during their study lines. Documents and forms are available on the school website.

Homework and Study

Though each situation varies the college has some general guidelines and suggestions around homework and study for NT Christian College students

Year 10

60 to 90 minutes each day

Year 11

90 minutes to 2 hours a day

Year 12

3 hours a day