One major element of Year 10 is the 3 week Year 10 Trip. On this trip the students journey 10,000km around Australia taking in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney as well as visiting other significant landmarks and gaining important knowledge about the country in which they live.

This is a multifaceted trip that takes in and makes direct links to multiple subject areas including History, Civics, Geography, Science, PE, English and others. Work is done during the Trip and in reflection after students return.

The Trip is also where significant social learning occurs as students cohabitate with one another for 3 weeks and learn to live, work and play within the context of a large team. This leads to great friendships being developed and emotional strength and resilience increasing.

Overall, the Trip is a great time of learning and bonding and is generally a major highlight for students of the school year as students develop into a cohesive group that is able to provide support for each other as they progress through their senior years.