At NT Christian College we see Year 10 as an important transition and bridging time from Middle School to Senior School Education. This is a transition year in a number of ways.

Students are encouraged to begin to take more control over their learning as they progress towards adulthood. They move into a more adult environment and given a higher level of trust in a supported environment. Academically they start to become more independent learners and to develop the skills they will need to develop their intrinsic motivation and take greater control of their education.

Year 10 students spend time considering their gifts, abilities and passions in order to explore what that might mean for their future direction and vocation.


Subjects studied for year 10 include;

Personal Learning Plan (PLP)
Pastoral Care Group (PCG)
Physical Education
2 Elective classes that run for the whole year.


Pastoral Care Group (PCG) is an important part of the Year 10 program. PCG provides a safe environment for students to give and receive support to one another under the guidance of a member of staff. Students spend time exploring the Bible together, developing personal skills as well as uncover and challenge worldviews. They do this as a whole year group as well as individual classes.


Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a 10 credit point Stage 1 subject that contributes to a student’s NTCET. This subject is designed to provide students opportunities for self-reflection and exploration of their gift and abilities as they consider the future direction of their lives, particularly in the area of vocation. Students have the opportunity to assess their strengths, participate in work experience and develop their resume and personal communication skills.