NT Christian College Locations

Palmerston Campus

The Palmerston Campus is located on the grounds of Palmerston Christian School and currently has students in Year 10.

Sattler Campus

The Sattler Campus is located on the grounds of Sattler Christian College and is resourcing students in Year 10.

Marrara Campus

The Marrara Campus, located on the grounds of Marrara Christian College, is the oldest NT Christian College location and it is also the site of Year 10, Year 11 and 12. Students have access to a range of educational pathways that are tailored to their strengths and passions.

Trade Training Centre Campus

An adjunct to the main Marrara campus the Trade Training Centre provides award winning Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the area of Construction and Engineering. Students attending this campus are able to complete units in English and Mathematics in a work contextualised manner and complete their Northern Territory Certificate in Education and Training as well as progress in their VET competencies.